Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Morning!

We have no idea what time Kylie and Jake wake up each morning - but we assume it's between 6am-7am. Kylie knows to stay in her room until her clock says seven-zero-zero and she cheerfully enters our room each morning (our human alarm clock) and let's us know it's time to get up. I usually check the monitor and Jake is playing in his crib as well. Kylie and I (or Kylie and Daddy) will go downstairs and get Jake a sippy cup of milk. Heaven forbid we bring him downstairs BEFORE his milk is ready - TROUBLE!

So, this is the scene every morning while Kylie enjoys a pre-breakfast snack and Jake has his milk.

And..... Jake is walking! He's been taking a couple steps here and there, but on Valentine's Day something clicked and he walked all the way across the room! Video to follow soon! ;)

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